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What You Should Know About Online Teaching Degrees

There are a number of accredited colleges and universities offering online teaching degrees. Furthermore, a degree earned via the internet is just as valid as one earned via on campus study and is a lot cheaper to boot. Following is some important information on what obtaining a teaching degree entails, how to find the right educational institution and more.

Why Study Online?
There are various reasons why studying online is so popular. One of the main reasons is the fact that studying online is much cheaper than studying on campus. Additionally, a person who studies online can work and/or care for family during the day while studying at night and on the weekend. Online studies provide a lot more flexibility than regular studies, allowing a person plenty of time toonline teaching degrees complete assignments and courses.

Course Material
The first two years of study are dedicated to general courses such as English Composition, Science, History and Psychology. After this time, an aspiring teacher will focus on studying education methods along with specialized courses relating to the exact field of teaching that a person is interested in.

Those who want to teach at the elementary or secondary level will need to take courses in Language Arts, Math and Social Studies. Individuals who want to teach preschoolers and kindergartners will learn how to work with small children and help them adjust to school and learn basic skills. A person who takes a Masters Degree course will learn business administration skills that are necessary to running a kindergarten, elementary/secondary school or high school.

Length and Cost of an Online Teaching Program
It takes two years to obtain an Associate degree. A Bachelor's degree will take four to five years of study while a Master's degree will require an additional year or two of study. Many schools require that a teacher have at least a Bachelor degree, while a Master's degree is required for those who want to work as an administrator or school principal.

The cost of an online teaching program depends on how which educational institution a person's studies with. Where an individual studies is also a factor, as some online universities charge out of state students more than those who live in the state where the university is located. Thankfully, the overall cost of studying online is quite low; it has been estimated that obtaining an online Masters in Education costs from $5,600 to $41,000.

Teacher Opportunities and Career Benefits
The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the job outlook for teachers is quite good, so those who study for a degree in education should have little to no trouble finding a job. There are many career benefits for teachers, such as paid holidays, health insurance, a pension plan, job security and more.

The average salary for a teacher in the United States ranges from about $51,400 to $54,400. Kindergarten teachers earn the least while high school teachers earn the most. In Canada, the average salary for a teacher ranges from $55,000 - $75,000, depending on where a teacher works.

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However, it is important to note that a teacher who has just graduated from an online course will earn significantly less than an experienced teacher. This is par for the course no matter where a person lives. Thankfully, the benefits noted above are available to all teachers, no matter how much or how little experience they may have.

Specialized Teaching Degrees
A specialized teaching degree can not only help a person earn a higher than average salary but also enable an individual to work with the type of students that he or she would like to help. Special education teachers work with those who are mentally handicapped or who have a learning disability. They can often make a big difference in the lives of those who would otherwise find it difficult or even impossible to learn basic academic skills. Other specialized online teaching degrees include degrees in vocational education, instruction coordination, adult literacy and ESL.

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How to Choose the Right Online Educational Institution
It is very important to choose an online educational institution that is accredited either on a regional or national level. However, regional accreditation is the best, as it allows a teacher to easily transfer credits from one educational institution to another. At the same time, a teacher should check into local employment opportunities to see whether employers have requirements regarding what type of degree a teacher must present.

teacher and studentsA student will also want to compare costs to see which university offers the best deal. Looking into financial aid is likewise important, especially if a student has limited financial resources. At the same time, an aspiring teacher will also want to ask about the involvement level of the professor teaching the course. Ideally, a person will want to find an online course taught by a professor who is eager and willing to interact with online students via Skype and/or email. This ensures that online students get the same amount of help and attention that on campus students receive.

There are various online colleges and universities that offer online teaching degrees. Besides choosing which exact degree to pursue, a person will need to determine whether to study for an Associate, Bachelor, Masters or even PhD degree. An individual will also want to choose a college or university carefully. A good college or university should be accredited and have the courses that a person needs in order to pursue the teaching career of his or her choice.

Getting a teaching degree enables a person to not only get a steady job but also benefit from numerous perks that other career opportunities do not provide. However, as teachers throughout the ages have found, the best perks are gotten right in the classroom. Enabling young minds to learn new and valuable skills is the best reward. Watching students grow and make progress is thrilling, which is why many people are turning to the internet in order to learn the skills needed to become a professional teacher.

Written By : Sally Maltin - find me on

Source : Ed.Gov



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